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Birding Suce Creek Trail 2022 Jul 10, 2022 – Jul 10, 2022

Presenter: John Parker has over 35 years of experience hiking and birding in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Description: The Suce Creek Trail is a six-mile trail at the north end of Paradise Valley. This trail climbs 1,100 feet through a nice mix of habitat types commonly found in the lower elevations of the Absoroka-Beartooth Wilderness. The diverse habitats are home to many of the birds that breed in the forests of this area. We should see and hear at least twenty-five species of birds, including many of the common breeding birds such as Western Tanager, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and Warbling Vireo. Other more uncommon birds like American Three-toed Woodpecker, Williamson’s Sapsucker, and Dusky Grouse may also be encountered along this trail. We will be paying special attention to the bird songs and calls during this hike, so the pace will be slow.

There are a couple steam crossings that require either shallow wading or hopping on rocks or logs to cross, depending on water levels (hiking poles could be handy).

Meeting Time and Locations: 7:45 AM at the Suce Creek Trailhead

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