Trail Ambassadors 2018 May 1, 2018 – Sep 30, 2018

While the ABWF offers lots of volunteer trail projects, we realize not everyone wants to hoist a Pulaski or wield a crosscut saw in order to help…

Like to hike? Have good people skills? Want to help others treat the Wilderness with the same care and respect that you do? Consider becoming a Trail Ambassador.

Simply put, Trail Ambassadors will hike the popular trails that lead to some of the A-B’s most beautiful and most visited destinations, and make friendly contacts with trail users they encounter. When a Trail Ambassador meets someone at the trailhead or on trail, they will help gather data on who is using the trails and for what types of activities, provide them with helpful information on Wilderness regulations and best practices, and also reduce impacts to trails and lakeshores in the wilderness.

Our goal is to post Trail Ambassadors at some of the heaviest used trails and trailheads across the A-B Wilderness—places like Pine Creek, the East Rosebud, and Mystic Lake—in order to have a more regular presence in these places and hopefully create positive changes on some of the A-B’s most impacted places. Trail Ambassadors would hike the trails and help clean up impacted sites, reporting back on issues and impacts that are causing degradation to the wilderness backcountry.

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